Movement Artistry Project
Movement Artistry Project
moves you from where you are to where you want to be!!!

Movement Artistry Project (M.A.P.) is a wellness-services organization dedicated to providing an array of “movement services” to diverse populations.  This includes diversity appreciation workshops, performance effectiveness workshops, as well as instruction in various movement forms.  Using the knowledge gleaned in researching, teaching, creating, and performing movement, M.A.P. provides valuable training to those working in various professions.

M.A.P. is an organization that does something with art.  Our work does not focus solely on displaying the talent and ingenuity of the artist or the art form.  An equally important focus is sharing what the process of art-making has to provide for those who may not perceive their job as artistic.  We at M.A.P. introduce a new model of product development and workplace performance consultation.  This model hinges on approaching the participant’s profession or job as a physical, art-making process.  It is about sharing methods and tools used in creating art and movement with other professions in a way that will enrich their professional performance.  M.A.P. does for other professions what physically creating artwork does for artists.  We at M.A.P. apply skills honed in the movement arts to other professions and environments.

We provide your dance, wellness, and arts education needs:

  • Arts Enrichment in Schools
  • Choreography
  • Creative Business Solutions Consulting
  • Dance Classes
  • Diversity Workshops
  • Enrichment Tutoring
  • Movement Analysis
  • Performance
  • Pilates
  • Private Training
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • Yoga
Who We Serve
Movement Artistry Project is dedicated to providing “movement services” to diverse populations.  This includes services spanning from creative development in the arts and education sector to application of the creative process in sectors not necessarily relating to the arts.  We cater to groups and individuals working in various fields including the arts, education, medical, and business fields.

Our Environment
Movement Artistry Project takes pride in its ability to provide customized assistance and support in such emotionally tentative situations as physical training, performance assessment, and diversity consulting.  Here at M.A.P. we understand how vulnerable this process can feel.  We specialize in creating a comfortable, relaxed, secure environment that allows for open, honest, and effective communication between client and specialist.  Facilitators at Movement Artistry Project are certified and experienced professionals that engender a personalized, friendly, non-judgmental environment for our clients.

Our Process
At Movement Artistry Project we are dedicated to providing effective results to each client on an individual basis.  Our first step is assessing the client’s requests, and underlying issues.  Then we address the client’s needs by applying our knowledge of movement and creative problem-solving.  The structure of the consultation workshops we provide include the following:

- Viewing and/or creating works of art
-  Activities assigned relating to the work(s) of art as they relate to the workshop topic
- Guided discussions to deepen participant understanding of the workshop topic

Each client receives services specifically tailored for their particular environment, requests, and needs.  We are committed to meaningful growth in each of our clients from where they are to where they would like to be.

For more information contact Crystal U. Davis.
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